EGR & DPF Delete

We are a long established performance tuning company with over 36 years tuning experience. Engine ECU remaps & chip tuning service in Harlow Essex & surrounding areas. Mobile chip tuning service Harlow . While you wait remap service available seven days a week, appointment’s only, please call our tuning expert Tony 07860 229516.¬†

All our stage 1 remaps are custom made for your vehicle to optimise performance and reliability. Other services we offer include DPF delete and EGR delete as well as Adblue delete & Van speed limiter removal here.

We also provide a classic car tune up service here.

We are open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday

9 am to 3 pm Saturday & Sunday

We use the very latest remapping tools allowing us to remap the newest vehicles on the road today including Hybrid and electric vehicles. Being a long established tuning company with a wealth of tuning experience we are also able to remap vehicles as far back as year 1997. 

At Car Tune we offer three different type of remapping services, OBD remaps, Bench Remapping, and Boot Remapping,