EGR vales, also known as exhaust gas recycling valves have been fitted to both petrol and diesel engines in the UK from around 2002. Unfortunately due to the way in which EGR valves work they are a common failure.

The purpose of the EGR valve is to allow some of the burnt exhaust gasses to be recycled back into the induction system of the engine and used again. The engine management system will make decisions when to allow exhaust gas recycling, engine speed and temperature are contributing factors.

EGR valves can be located in various positions around the cylinder head of the engine making access to the valve sometimes very difficult and expensive to replace. We can offer solutions to fix EGR faults to suite your budget. EGR diagnostic prices from £120

Modern electronic EGR valves often need to be programmed to the engine management system, we use many of the very latest diagnostic tools including main dealer tools to carry out EGR programming.

Finding the cause of an EGR related fault can be difficult, we use the very latest EGR diagnostic equipment available, helping us to locate the fault fast. We offer a mobile EGR diagnostic service covering all of Essex.